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Extra Service July and August
Please be aware the extra service operating every day from Glendalough at 9:45 for July and August is now finished, the 9:45 only operates to Bray on Fridays and Saturday, Sundays and Bank holiday Mondays to Dublin for the rest of the year.

Day Trips
From Dublin Terminus 11.30 Everyday

(St. Stephen’s Green North, opposite Stephen Court (Starbucks)) Return Fare : € 20.00
Single Fare : € 13.00

From Bray Terminus 12.10 Everyday

(Town hall)
Return Fare : € 15.00
Single Fare : € 9.00


All articles are carried at owners risk, the management and staff will take No Responsibility for any articles carried on any part of our buses at any time.
Tickets are not transferable.
Return tickets are valid for 30 days.

Tickets Purchased on Bus